Zoom live-captioning and zoom closed captioning services

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Who We Are

With over a decade of experience in Captioning and Subtitling, CaptioningStar has served over 5000 happy clients. We excel in providing the highest quality captions at competitive rates. We work for around 100 multilingual languages with more than 1000 language specialists across the globe. Our support team works 24/7, 365 round the clock to meet your needs. Just send us a message and we will contact you within minutes.

We are trusted by over 500 Organizations and Educational Institutions across the UK

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Know more about Zoom Live Captioning Service by CaptioningStar

CaptioningStar has been busy since March 2020. We have been receiving various inquiries for Zoom Live Captioning from different sectors like Public sector bodies, Corporates, NGOs, Legal firms, Event management companies, Universities, and colleges, Broadcast and Production houses to meet their live captioning requirements. About 80% of inquiries that we received were all for Zoom live Captioning and most of the preferred human captioners. 

Zoom’s easy-to-use platform has been a choice for millions of people to stay connected online. Besides, live captioning has remained an essential feature of conferencing. We transcribe speech into on-screen real-time text with certified, real-time- human captioners. Our captions improve accessibility as they double the sustainability of information. Captions also promote engagement and retention of audience. 

What our users say

Always a step towards your needs!

Our real-time captioners have hands on experience on various video conferencing platforms. A few are mentioned below.

Goto webinar live captioning
Facebook Live Captioning
YouTube Live Captioning
LiveStream Captioning
Zoom Live Captioning

Why CaptioningStar?

Pick us to receive real-time captions instantly within 3-5 seconds with over 99% accuracy


Send us a message with your details and we will contact you.


Seamless integration with almost all the widely used platforms.


We serve many clients with sensitive content.


We offer custom integration with the platform of your choice.

Client Satisfaction

More suggestions or requirements? Lets incorporate them.

24/7 Support

We offer Email, Phone, and Live chat support round the clock.

Top captioning services we offer (but not limited to)

Closed captioning service

40% of video production companies in NY use our closed captions.

Open captioning service

About 90% of the clients recognized us as a worthwhile resource.

Real time captioning service

History of captioning around 1000+ hours in real time.

Embedded captioning service

Delivered captions in 15+ customized output formats.

Remote live captioning service

Captions streamed in seconds even when kilometers apart.

Broadcast captioning service

Captioned 25+ types of TV shows in top-rated channels.

Services We Offer






The delay time would be 2 to 5 seconds based on the internet connectivity speed.

Yes, Zoom has an inbuilt caption feature that allows you to directly caption on the Zoom platform.

Our standard cost is $150.00 per hour. We provide additional discounts based on the volume of the project.

Our standard TAT is 3 to 5 business days, but it varies based on the project volume.

Yes, all your meetings can be directly live streamed from Zoom to Facebook, YouTube & more.

Zoom live captioning