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Unlock the Power of Learning with University Captioning Services

Captions and More for Esteemed Universities and Schools of K-12

  • End-to-End Accessibility Services for All Courses
  • LMS Captioning and Course Loading with SCORM Compliance 
  • Holistic Services with Accuracy and Affordability 
  • Closed  Captioning, Subtitles, Audio Description and ASL Services

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We Have Partnered with These Universities

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John Hopkins university
University of California

A-Z Digital Accessibility Features for Universities and Schools

Exclusive Support for Learning Management Systems

Our captions come with easy integration and support features for a broad range of Learning Management Systems (LMS) commonly employed by K-12 schools and educational organizations like Universities and Colleges.

Our expertise has served Prominent platforms like Blackboard, Kaltura, Moodle, Canvas, and Schoology delivered rightful solutions to major Ivy League. With the help of Shared Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), we make the course loading process seamless. 

We are compatible with various e-learning video platforms, including Zoom, Brightcove, Vimeo, Kaltura, and YouTube.

Live and Post Captioning for all the Lecture

Experience the world full of knowledge delivered through an ultimate medium. We transform the entire educational experience and elevate it with world-class live captioning services and post-captioning services.

What do you get?

  1. Complete Integration and Support for On-Site Lectures
  2. Get Full Captions and Subtitle for the Lecture videos 
  3. Accurate Translations in more than 100 Languages 
  4. Vetted with Expert Academicians’ Consultation

We support major LMS


We cater to all kinds


Lecture Videos

School Project Explainers

LMS Courses

Teaching Aids Explainers

Animated Videos

School Project Explainers

On-Site Event Support

Just Count on Our Five Stars

The captioning services were provided as expected. The captioner arrived early to the meeting to set up and test the captioning.They also had a backup plan ready in case the captioning in Zoom itself did not work, which was very much appreciated when I could not figure out how to assign captioning in Zoom on the first day. I was impressed by the speed at which they could translate and type the captions.

Client reviews
Virginia Commonwealth University
Best Captioning reviews

Extraordinary service and customer care. I asked Mike Anderson and his team to caption two very sensitive yet graphic documentaries about autopsy, fully expecting that they’d turn the job down. Just the opposite happened, they tackled these very hard to watch titles and did a magnificent job. In fact, both documentaries featured a renowned Japanese coroner that was tough to understand due to his native accent. Mike and his team nailed the transcription. I cannot recommend Captioning Star enough.

salvatore review
Loyola Marymount University
LinkedIn reviews

We have worked with CaptioningStar for 3 of our webinars now. We have been very happy with their services and according to a recent user survey, our users have found the live captions to be a great addition to our webinars.We look forward to working with CaptioningStar for our upcoming webinars. We would highly recommend their services – everyone we have worked with at CaptioningStar has been very helpful and professional.

google reviews for captioning
Emory University
Best Captioning reviews
Audio Description Process