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Stream your Webex Webinars in YouTube with CaptioningStar

CaptioningStar provides a quality Live Streaming on YouTube with our expertise team who are familiar with Webex technology. We help you to boost your Subscribers List and build a strong community on YouTube platform. In a recent survey by Hubspot, it was found that 70% of all youtube audiences make purchase decisions based on what they watch. Webex Webinars enables you to connect with a larger Audience in YouTube and promotes your brand to a greater extent. At CaptioningStar we ensure to build a loyal customer base by promoting your right content to the right audience.

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Request for a Live Demo

We provide a 15 minutes free demo to the client explaining the workflow of Webex.

Enabling YouTube Live for Webex Webinars

  • Login to YouTube with your credentials.
  • Navigate to upper right corner , click on Go Live
  • Click Stream > New stream.
  • A pop-up appears , fill the form and click CREATE STREAM.
  • Take a note of your stream key and stream URL.
  • Login to your Webex site and begin your Meeting or event , navigate to More options and click Start Live Streaming.
  • Enter the details of Streaming Service as YouTube Live , Target Stream link -paste the stream URL and Target Stream key- paste the stream key here.
  • Click Start streaming to start streaming from Webex Meetings or Events.
  • A preview of a Live Stream of Webex Meeting / event will be shown on YouTube and click Go Live on the upper right of the screen.
  • Live Stream of your Meeting can be viewed on your YouTube channel.
  • If you like to end your stream , open the More menu and select Stop Streaming
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Make your Live Streaming Reachable with CaptioningStar

CaptioningStar helps you to reach a larger audience and improves the viewing experience with YouTube Live features. Our captioners can produce flawless captions and provide better accessibility to the content before streaming your Webex Webinar on YouTube. The quality of Video content will make the viewers watch the entire meetings /webinars.Additionally you can learn what your consumers are interested in through their comments on YouTube platform.

So why to wait? It’s time to turn your Webex Meetings/ Webinars to YouTube Live video!

CaptioningStar Youtube Integration

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Pay us through hassle-free payment methods. We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and PayPal. Know more about our pricing details on our pricing page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No setup is required and we do not charge for any setup.

We offer our services on an hourly basis as it is important to hire a captioner and we support at least 30 minutes of captioning an event /meeting /webinar.

Yes our CART/broadcast captioners are certified steno writers from NCRA.

Yes they are available. We have Spanish , English ,French ,Portuguese ,Japanese and Chinese Bilingual captioners.

It’s recommended to inform us between 2 hours – 48 hours prior to hiring our service. This helps in smooth transition between both the parties.

Yes we do. We even offer a 10-30% discount if your organization continuously conduct virtual Events.

Post event we support 25+ languages .

Yes we do End to End services right from Live Captioning the Video and Post Live Captioning activities.

Yes we have worked with 50+ Virtual event organizers and helped them in both pre event services like Marketing, Free Webinar services and Post Event services.

Yes we are well versed with Webex End to End services right from Webex Training offer / Setup/Marketing and end to end services.

Yes we offer a free 15 minutes Webex live captioning test session.

Yes we provide Live Automated Captioning for Webex.

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