Know the success story of a popular YouTuber | YouTube Integration Case Study

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Know the success story of a popular YouTuber

Get a walkthrough of our 

Success story

YouTube captioning service

Jim, a popular YouTuber, uploads videos regularly for fitness freaks. It all started out with a small number of subscribers and now his channel has turned out to be one of the most popular YouTube channels.

Do you wanna know the story behind Jim, an ordinary part-time YouTuber turning into a YouTube celebrity?

Jim, earlier...

Jim, a software professional, wanted to share a few ideas for being healthy and fit to the people with irregular food habits and chaotic lifestyle.

Jim started his own YouTube channel and shared several videos for a healthy life befitting all age groups as a part-time job.

He uploaded videos periodically with the intention to reach viewers all over the world. But Jim felt that his videos were not reaching as many people he’d like to.

He was disappointed with the outcome and decided to find the root cause of his failure.

His failure was because…


A few weeks later, after a thorough analysis of his videos, Jim found that captioning his videos might reach a large audience without any boundaries.

Jim decided to go for automatic captioning but found it unreliable. Secondly decided to caption it himself but it was again a failure due to time lapse, no synchronization and emotionless captions.

Finally, Jim decided to outsource his videos for captioning. He looked for many services and found that many failed to have a youtube integration platform.

So, his primary requirement was looking for a captioning service which offers an integration platform for his YouTube videos.

Finally found his destination

Jim inquired about several captioning services in and around his region but none fulfilled his checklist. With some friend’s referral, our CaptioningStar comes into the picture.

Jim called CaptioningStar one fine evening and spoke with the client support team.He was impressed at first sight with the way our client support answered his questions calmly even on a hectic schedule.

We also explained our YouTube integration process step by step so he can understand it better.

He was pleased with our conversation and decided to outsource the captions to us.

His words’ I tried many captioning service and was fed up with their response. My friend John, one of your clients suggested me your service and got good reviews from him. I was not convinced at first but now I believe you could do this’.

To-do steps for Jim

It is not a lengthy process. We asked Jim to do the following simple steps to integrate.

  1. Step:1 Click on ‘ I would like to integrate’ option under YouTube logo.
  2. Step:2 Enter your Google account’s login credentials associated with your YouTube profile and click on ‘Sign in’.
  3. Step:3 Click on ‘Allow’ to confirm.
  4. Step:4 Click on ‘View Account Files’.
  5. Step:5 Now, scroll through your list until you find the file that needs to be transcribed. And click on ‘Send to Transcribe’.
  6. Step:6 Once your files are uploaded, they are ready for captioning.

That’s it! Jim gets his captions ready within the specified TAT after he makes his payments.

The happy ending

Jim completed the steps as we suggested and got his perfect captions.

Jim was happy with the way we integrated his Youtube videos with our captioning platform as it is simple and user-friendly.

Jim became popular, not only in his region but also all over the world with his captioned videos. Even people with hard of hearing subscribed his channel and became regular followers.

But this is not the actual end and we offer integrations with various platforms like Vimeo, Facebook and so on. We still work on integrating more and more platforms to keep our clients relaxed.

With our YouTube integration, you receive accurate and well-placed captions saving your dollars and of course your valuable time.