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A quick walk-through of our YouTube integration process

YouTube, one of the largest video sharing platforms is now integrated with iTranscript for making your captioning job easy. Get your YouTube videos captioned in just a few clicks.

Sync your YouTube account with our iTranscript following these easy and quick steps.

Our integration with your YouTube account allows us easy access to files uploaded in your YouTube account. Once we get your files, your files will be immediately sent to the production team for further captioning processes.

In addition to the integration with YouTube, we are also integrated with many of the video hosting/ video sharing platforms like Vimeo, Wistia, Google drive, YouTube live, Zoom, Granicus and the list goes really big.

Get Started
YouTube integration

We have integrated with your favorite platforms

The list is really big. We are integrated with many major video storage platforms.

More Integrations

Entry for login page

Step 1– Click on ‘ I would like to integrate’ under the YouTube logo. You will be now directed to the Login page.

How to API Integration

Signing in with your Google account

Step 2– Enter your Google account’s login credentials associated with your YouTube profile and click on ‘Sign In’.

[Once done you will receive the following notification]


Step 3– Click on ‘Allow’ to confirm.

Yes, you are done with the integration process. Cheers!

Now, files uploaded to your YouTube profile can be accessed and directed for captioning within your iTranscript account in just a few clicks.


Viewing the account files

Step 4– Click on ‘ View account files

You will be directed to the page displaying the list of files available in your YouTube account.

Caption Now

Step 5– Now, scroll through the list and choose the files you want to caption and then click on ‘Caption now’.

Once your files are uploaded successfully to iTranscript, they are ready for our captioning services.

Zoom Video List
Zoom Payment Window

Choosing your requirements

Step 6– Click on ‘Choose file’ to select the transcript, if you already have the transcript document for the respective files chosen.

Step 7– Select the source language of the video file

Step 8– Select the language of your choice to which your file needs to be translated and transcribed

Step 9– Select your desired output format from the given drop-down list.

And, we are almost done

Now, to know ‘ how to track the status of captioning files?’ or to ‘add further details’ or to ‘Edit’ your captioning requirements click here, and to know ‘how to make payments?’ click here