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Stream Instant Captions With Our Zoom Live Video Captioning Services

Are you one among the millions of users of Zoom, hosting your webinars, meetings, or video/audio conferencing for your business in real-time? Then you are most likely in need of live captions for your Zoom videos, right?

Captioning your Zoom videos is the easiest way through which you can reach your targeted audience and CaptioningStar is here to do that for you.

CaptioningStar has been captioning Zoom webinars and meetings in remote and onsite for years and delivers captions over 99% accuracy.

A recent report states that most of the companies’ top video conferencing choices include Zoom video communications and Skype for Business, which holds about 45% of the market.

The list is really big. We are integrated with many major video storage platforms.

Zoom Captioning Services

Clients who used our Zoom Live Captioning Service last week are:

United States National Transportation Safety Board.
RespectAbility Logo
DMEC Live Captioning

Our Zoom Captioning Process

  • Before the event goes live, say whether webinars, meetings or video conferences, we make it a point to provide a free demo to the client of how we would be working with Zoom.
  • We are equipped with proper remote live captioning arrangements and are integrated with streamtext.
  • Treamtext is a quick downloadable application that allows overlaying of captions to any application which doesn’t have native captioning support.
  • Once you share us the link of the webinar/meeting, our live captioners would immediately send the real-time captions in Zoom.
  • We have worked with all major video conferencing platforms including Zoom, Granicus, YouTube live, Facebook live and many more.

Note – The free demonstration of the product will be scheduled based on the availability of the captioner and the client.

Few of the Zoom’s users

GoDaddy, Uber, Fortinet, Santa Clara University, TicketMaster, aarnet, Oregon.gov are very few of Zoom’s favorite clients.

As far as the survey of 2015 says, about 20,016 companies trust Zoom for their business videos like webinars, meetings or video conferencing.

We are registered EEG-iCap user and offer you a sophisticated and secure platform for live captioning your videos.EEG provides an efficient captioning and editing interface with reliable live connections to broadcast encoders.

What our users say

What is expected your post Zoom meeting?

Reuse event Zoom video recordings and reach wider audience

We help you to reusing your your live event videos on different platforms to reach a wider audience including the non-participants of your event.

YouTubeIf you wish to upload it to your video channels like YouTube ,Vimeo, Brightcove we can perform it by embedding closed or open captions to it.
OTT platformswe can also help you create your own OTT platform like Netflix, Hulu and enhance the videos with our accurate captions.
VOD SubscriptionEnable your own VOD subscription platform and generate revenue even post events.
For Universities we can help you uploading the live classroom session videos on your universities e-learning software with the captions included in it.
Social MediaWe help in marketing the videos with various techniques using Social Media platforms to reach a wider audience with enclosed open/closed captions.
PresentationsWe help in converting the Webinar to Presentation and can be shared on SlideShare to reach larger scale with embedded captions.
Video OptimizationWe help in creating brand awareness for your product / service and increase your Video channel subscribers with exact captions.

Captioning zoom videos

  • Captioning zoom videos is a cakewalk now with a smooth and simple interface. Zoom allows closed captioning for videos.
  • Many of the Zoom users rely on a high-quality captioning service for captioning their videos to obtain error-free and time-synchronized captions. Sharing of the live event URL is all that is required when working with a third-party captioning service.
  • Work with CaptioningStar to receive accurate and instant captions for your Zoom videos in a cinch.

Our live captioning service for Zoom users- Either onsite or remote

  • CaptioningStar’s API integrates with Zoom and provides an interface to enable easy captioning of videos.
  • At CaptioningStar, our remote/onsite live captioning experts provide instant captions for your Zoom webinars, video conferences, and meetings.
  • Our captioning professionals have several years of experience in producing real-time captions and captions go through multi-level quality checks.

Know our Pricing

  • Pay us through hassle-free payment methods. We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and PayPal.
  • Know more about our pricing details on our pricing page.

Affordable Zoom Live Captioning Pricing

$110 /hour
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$140 /hour
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$160 /hour
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Get 25% instant discount !

*Note : Minimum 25 hours commitment is required!

Why CaptioningStar

Choose CaptioningStar to avail all benefits of Zoom Live Video captioning in one go!


No service tiers or contracts. All customers receive our best service.


We’ve integrated with YouTube, Vimeo and many more.


We serve many clients with sensitive content.


We offer custom integration with your favorite platform.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Problems with your file? We’ll make it right.

24/7 Support

We offer Email, Phone and  Live chat support around the clock.

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