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Stream Auto Live Captions With Our Zoom ASR engine

Are you one among the people who has been looking to adopt a technology supporting your Zoom closed captioning needs? Whether you have received a closed captioning request the last minute or or looking to save cost, this Automation can help you resolve the complications of enabling accessibility to your audience. Introducing the AI featured services is the easiest way to save cost and avoid last minute frustrations.

With more meetings, webinars, training programs and conferences being scheduled virtually, this Zoom Live Caption ensures the better quality to individuals with disabilities, continue to be met and made a priority by all organizations.

CaptioningStar has been performed this for many Zoom webinars, meetings, events and conferences and delivers captions over 80% accuracy depends of the quality of the input (audio).

The list is really big. We are integrated with many major video storage platforms.

Zoom Captioning Services

Clients who used our Zoom Auto Live Captioning Service are:

University of Rochester - Accessibility
Automated captions from CaptioningStar - Nonprofit Association of the Midlands
National Organization for Rare Disorders logo

Automated Zoom Live Captioning Process

  • Once your event information & Zoom API token of the webinar/meeting is confirmed, then we would immediately set up the automation process.We are equipped with proper AI live captioning arrangements and are integrated with Zoom.Our system is a real quick and can send captions back to Zoom that allows overlaying of captions at the bottom of your screen
  • When the event starts you will see the Captions will flow automatically at your Zoom screen.
  • We have worked with all major video conferencing platforms including Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect, GotoWebinar and many more.Note – The free demonstration of the product can be scheduled for 15 mins.

We supported languages in total

  • English to English
  • Spanish to Spanish
  • English to Spanish
  • Spanish to English
  • English to Japanese
  • Italian to Italian
  • English to Italian
  • Italian to English
  • French to French
  • Japanese to English
  • English to French
  • French to English
  • Dutch to Dutch
  • English to Dutch
  • Dutch to English
  • Portuguese to Portuguese
  • English to Portuguese
  • Portuguese to English
  • Japanese to Japanese

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What is expected your post Zoom meeting?

Reuse your Zoom video recordings and reach wider audience

We would also happy to serve your post Zoom meeting requirements as well . The service list includes Video editing, Closed captioning, Open captioning, Transcription editing etc.., 

YouTubeIf you wish to upload it to your video channels like YouTube ,Vimeo, Brightcove we can perform it by embedding closed or open captions to it.
OTT platformswe can also help you create your own OTT platform like Netflix, Hulu and enhance the videos with our accurate captions.
VOD SubscriptionEnable your own VOD subscription platform and generate revenue even post events.
For Universities we can help you uploading the live classroom session videos on your universities e-learning software with the captions included in it.
Social MediaWe help in marketing the videos with various techniques using Social Media platforms to reach a wider audience with enclosed open/closed captions.
PresentationsWe help in converting the Webinar to Presentation and can be shared on SlideShare to reach larger scale with embedded captions.
Video OptimizationWe help in creating brand awareness for your product / service and increase your Video channel subscribers with exact captions.

Closed Captioning Zoom Recordings

  • Closed Captioning your zoom records is a cakewalk now with a smooth and simple interface. 
  • Many of the Zoom users rely on a high-quality post event captioning services too, to obtain error-free and time-synchronized captions. 
  • Work with CaptioningStar to receive accurate and instant captions for your Zoom meetings in a cinch.

Our live captioning service for Zoom users- Either onsite or remote

  • CaptioningStar’s API integrates with Zoom and provides an interface to enable easy captioning of videos.
  • At CaptioningStar, our remote/onsite live captioning experts provide instant captions for your Zoom webinars, video conferences, and meetings.
  • Our captioning professionals have several years of experience in producing real-time captions and captions go through multi-level quality checks.

Know our Pricing

  • Pay us through hassle-free payment methods. We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and PayPal.
  • Know more about our pricing details on our pricing page.

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*Note : Minimum 25 hours commitment is required!

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Choose CaptioningStar to avail all benefits of Zoom Live Video captioning in one go!


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We’ve integrated with YouTube, Vimeo and many more.


We serve many clients with sensitive content.


We offer custom integration with your favorite platform.

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One stop platform for your Event Accessibility needs

Share Event(s) Schedule & Access with Key, Get captioner information, Download event transcripts, place post event service orders, Edit event recordings restream/playback the video at your designed platforms and reach wider audience.
Event recordings

Human captioners are always best.

In case if you would like to also opt for a human captioner, please include that while requesting for automation. We would try our best in terms of schedule human captioners.

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